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Magpie Magazine ~ Call for Submissions [Jul. 20th, 2010|10:05 am]
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Miss Magpie in the Attic [Jan. 24th, 2010|10:58 am]

Here is a magpie I made as part of a stop motion animation i'm working on, showing the life cycle of a bird. See more here...

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Roots [Dec. 20th, 2008|10:39 pm]
The theme for the fourth Issue of Magpie Magazine will be...


We are on the lookout for writing in any form, interpretating the theme of 'Roots' for the fourth issue of Magpie Magazine, due out Spring 2009.
1000 word limit
deadline: 2nd January 2009
Please email submissions to magpiemagazine@yahoo.co.uk
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each raindrop is a kiss from heaven [Oct. 25th, 2008|08:32 pm]
[Current Music |caroline weeks]

i've been....
collecting shells on the beach
& reading 'midnights children' by salman rushdie and 'the jungle books' by rudyard kipling
& enjoying juana molina and rio en medio's new records
& resisting the temptation of picking silver apples, buying black cats and white cats, wishing and watching the road bend with gypsy caravans
& giving into the treasure of shiny crystal and wooden painted birds, peculiar heart shaped shells, mangos from the amazon, and lush bathtime treats and bubbles.
& observing old tattered garb and scratchy records, tatty charity remains, seagulls on church spires, old women eating pasties, young girls ballet dancing along to the clonky piano in the town hall
& papier-mache-ing-like-mad a scary diaroma paper forest with tall shadows and a lost little girl in a red coat and glimpses of wolves
& walking along the coast hand in hand and mud on boots and autumn breeze and leaves and slowly sinking into sand
& feeling lonesome all wrapped up in woolens
& dancing to a crazy gypsy band and drinking red wine and coming home and collapsing into the heap of rainbow quilts and patchwork elephants that is my bed
& getting to know my new bird friends
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a new leaf [Oct. 1st, 2008|06:48 pm]

I moved down to Falmouth just over a week ago now. Today is a lush sunny day, I am sat on my rainbow coloured bed - eating an apple, listening to coco rosie, peering out the window at the sun, sea, ships and the church spire and listening to the noises of the Saturday morning streets. I’ve had a busy week finding my feet here – baking cakes with my housemates Zoe and Kathleen...on Friday night we went out to buy cake ingredients!
We went to see the film The Fox and the Child at the local cinema which I loved – I haven’t seen anything quite like it before and the cinematography was mesmerising...the contrast between how the little girl saw the natural world and the fox’s view. It wasn’t all cutesy pie stuff too – it presented real nature in all its beauty and uncertainty.
I also saw another film the night before on DVD, called Persepolis, it was an animation based on an autobiographical graphic novel by an Iranian woman, it was really incredibly moving, funny and sad...i loved it.
The other night I went to an illustration collective exhibition at a place called Babahogs. It is a great little café just a minutes walk away from where we live…its an artspace, tea and cake space, with little budgies chirping in the corner and free wireless. I’ve sold some of magpies there and also at a record store called Jam. The vegetarian café next door is rather yum too – its called Pea Souk and they do really nice chai tea.
When my mum moved me down we went to Trebah gardens which was lush. Walking under the giant rhubarb plants, bamboo and tropical plants and exotic trees, eating orange and mascarpone icecream and drinking coffee on the beach, finding shells with holes and washed up shipwrecked doors and collecting seaweed!
The beginning of my Illustration degree started on Monday which was intense, inspiring, and very exciting. I’m starting to meet all sorts of people and I love my campus – its basically a tropical garden! One of our first projects is the Illustrated Book, I’ve chosen The Courtship of Mr Lyon by Angela Carter, cant wait to start that because I love her writing a lot.

Lots of photos of my new place and things can be found here...
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Barcelona [Sep. 14th, 2008|10:33 am]
[Current Music |honey by mary hampton]

I've just got back from a little trip to Barcelona, which was really refreshing and fun! The best bits included rowing a boat along the lake in the city park, spotting green city parrots, herons and turtles, visiting the natural history museam in an old castle like-building - full of stuffed animals, birds and fish, seeing the ancient plundered gold and treasure of spanish conqistadors, visiting the city aquarium and spotting the beautiful sea life, swimming in the sea, visiting the gaudi architecture and spanish pine trees at park guell, watching inspiring street musicians playing hang and sitar, spotting colourful sculpture, art and graffiti, and walking the lively spanish streets. All in three days!

See more photos here
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Glastonberries and Birds [Sep. 5th, 2008|11:10 am]

I've just got back from a really fun and inspiring time in Bristol and Glastonbury. I was staying with miss Lara Leaf at her house in Bristol and we met up with miss Becky Blossom for the weekend in Glastonberry!
Lara and I made ourselves bird masks out of feathers and glue, we dressed up and made a giant nest in the woods, and filmed it:

Had lots of fun looking round the bookshops and herbal stores in Glastonbury. I found a great book called 'Imagining Ourselves' at the speaking tree bookshop, all about the new generation of women artists, writers and photographers, very inspiring indeed. We sat outside in the glorious sun, drank earl grey, knitted and had a delish picnic dinner on the tor and watched the sunset with the cows, listening to a man playing the didgeridoo.
The next day we wondered about the peaceful grounds of the abbey and through the herb garden and lily pond, talked about plants and trees alot, then had a delish lunch at rainbows end cafe. We went to chalice well gardens too, and found a tree to weave wool and braided grass between its branches, gathered gifts of flowers, mushrooms, ribbons and fallen crab apples for her.

On monday, Lara and I went blackberry picking and made a really yum crumble with apples from her garden, blackberries, oats and coconut. We walked in the woods and visited her local farm that has emus, such strange bautiful birds! We painted henna on our hands while we waited for the crumble to bake, and made mandala earth patterns out of leaves, nuts, feathers and berries as gifts for the birds and squirrels. We found a dead dragonfly and a skull of a bird, leaves, flowers, berries, snail shells, sycamore seeds, lily pods, feathers and bulbs and had fun making a series of nature patterns.
On the train back I spotted a full rainbow, which was a nice little touch to finish off a busy, jam packed week of lushness!

Lots more photos here
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The Good Egg [Aug. 17th, 2008|09:17 pm]
The Good Egg
Amongst the leaves of the patchwork forest, between the embroidered elms and firs, a small girl walked, stopped and every so often wrenched a crocheted mushroom from its mound of moss and mud, then wiped the soil from her hands onto a dirty apron. Madeline was a simple girl often ridiculed for her small height. She thought about this as she skipped along the pleated earth. How she often felt she had more in common with the snails in her garden, the mice in her mother’s larder and the cat.
This was not just to do with her height.
She laughed when others cried, sucked her thumb instead of speaking, stuck pins in the legs of tables, and was a general nuisance to all. There was a general agreement amongst the people of her village that Madeline was better off left alone.
Her mother often agreed and sent her on special tasks. Today Madeline found herself gathering fungi in the woods. She walked along quite content-like and didn’t even stop to notice the arguments of owls or the chatter of the foxes. She continued on and on, quite absorbed in her task for hours, until she collapsed in exhaustion at the edge of a small lake.
She exchanged greetings with the ducks briefly before biting into the bread packed for her lunch. Quite pleased with herself, she made this into a mushroom sandwich. She noticed a feather sailing towards her on the murky sea of water. Now this was no ordinary feather she happened to notice. This feather was gold as her mothers watch and as shiny as the sun. Quite curious-like, she picked it up and placed it in her hair. She giggled and carried on walking.
As she peered down in search for more fungi, more and more of these golden feathers began to appear on her path. Each time she found one she picked it up, until her pockets where practically overflowing with feathers. It was not long till the mushroom task had been entirely forgotten and Madeline hurriedly followed the path of feathers through the forest.
Now she probably would have been quite content to carry on this task forever if not suddenly the feathers had stopped and what lay in front of her instead became a regal giant bird. The bird ruffled its feathers in Madeline’s direction and she emitted a small squeal of surprise. She stared at the bird and the bird stared back. Its eyes where like dark pools of liquid light and the longer Madeline stared, the harder it was to stop. She couldn’t help but notice that the bird’s pupils where shaped like red fleshy tongues and its beady eyes where plump as berry stained lips. The golden bird had two mouths for eyes.
It seemed to Madeline the mouths where trying to tell her something, so she tried her best to listen carefully. “Place the feathers in my nest” the bird’s eyes commanded. “You understand my words, good” nodded the bird. The golden bird wiggled her tail and stretched her wings. Madeline hesitantly placed the bird’s feathers into the nearby nest. “Be a good egg” chirped the bird and pushed Madeline along with her beak. She wanted to please this pretty bird you see, so she spent her time arranging the feathers aesthetically around the eggs in the nest. By the time she was finished she was very tired, she barely had enough energy to pick up her basket of mushrooms and carry on home. Madeline decided it would be a good idea to have a quick nap in the nest before she went on her way.
She slept curled in the dome of twigs, cushioned by feathers and clutching an egg to her body. She sucked her thumb and dreamt of mushroom pie. When she woke the mother bird was back, with a juicy blue worm wriggling from her beak. “Awake at last my fledgling” she reproached. The bird advanced towards Madeline, who stretched her arms wide from sleep, and opened her own beak wide as she gobbled the worm right up.
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